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Offers for our Bulk SMS Software Resellers and Partners

Even on very basic and beginning level, Our resellers have opportunities to buy Licenses of the software on attractive discount prices and to sell them with their own pricing structures to their customer-base in their market.

If generally speaking, We offer up to:

  • 40% discount for 5 Licenses.
  • 45% discount for 10 Licenses.
  • 50% discount for 15 Licenses.
  • 55% discount for 25 Licenses.
  • 65% discount for 50 Licenses.
  • For 50+ Licenses Contact us at "reseller@bulksms.mobi" to get the best discount offer from our sales team.

The reseller licenses that we generate for our Partners and Bulk SMS Software Distributors can be used in resale. Even you can sell such licenses to further reseller channel or marketing companies.

Sign-up is Easy!

If you want to become our partner and grow your business, our sign-up process is really simple. The reseller sign-up Payment of $137 includes 5 reseller licenses of your choice from any of following products:

How the products Licenses are Delivered?

Our Partners get reseller licenses on the basis of digital delivery (or in physical media for some additional charges as per your requirements) through FULL version Download and License Codes sent in email.

At the same time, our resellers also have opportunities to get their own logo in the banner of the software and their own email in the about box details of the software on very reasonable cost. This option helps resellers to get the software with their own logo from us through electronic download delivery and then make it available for sale in their own packaging or in electronic medium or both as their business needs and the nature of their market.

How these software work?

All of our SMS Software send SMS using Mobile Device or USB Modem to send SMS from user's computer and standard SMS charges may apply. However customers may reduce the per sms costs by adding SMS pack to mobile connection available with their mobile service provider.

Therefore no internet connection is required to send BulkSMS like SMS Gateway website require when you send text messages online.

Why should you sell DRPU Bulk SMS Software?

Simple and short answer is Privacy and total control.

Using our Bulk SMS Software, Messages are sent in the same way as they are delivered directly from users phone (or USB Modems) to recipient's mobile device. Thus users have their own small SMS broadcasting system and have not to share their contacts, clients data and contact information with any third party bulk SMS gateway website and everything remains in users control.

Since user operates the Bulk SMS Software from his own Laptop or PC and his business data and contacts are not uploaded on any bulk SMS service provider's website, the communication remains private and secret between sender and recipients. No third party is involved and it very useful in terms of maintaining the privacy of business data and customers information etc. You can download the FREE Evaluation version of the software from our website.

We also Provide white Label Bulk SMS Software for our Reseller

(Software Brand and Logo replaced on-Demand with your Business Identity)

We can also add “on-demand” features for our resellers who are interested in selling the software with their own brand name. Some of them are given below:

Your Brand Logo on Software Banner: You can get your own logo on software banner instead of Existing DRPU Logo for very minimal additional one-time charges. Such Logo and Branding Customization brings more confidence in your customers towards your Brand and the products that they purchase from you.

Your Own Business Name, Website and Emails address in software: You can get your own Business name, Website URL and Email address instead of DRPU Software’s Company Name and Emails in the Software that you deliver to your customers for just very minimal onetime charges. This customization gives you the total control of the communication for the sale you made and your customers communicate with you only.

Other Labels or Details customization: If you business or marketing strategies require additional customizations, we may have best suitable offer for you. Contact us at reseller@bulksms.mobi with your customization need to get best available offer.